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12193300_10203726189875255_1494234603776550721_nThe flyer for my Political Cartoon Art Gallery at Yale. Join Hillary, Marco, Donald, Bernie and Jeb for a raucous, gut rumbling ride through American politics as shown in pictures. 


Baiting the Donfish. The first presidential debate

Yale College has 12 residential colleges, each with its own unique mascot.
12 Colleges, 3 Cups, 1 Gnome. Yale College has 12 residential colleges, each with its own unique mascot. This piece was in celebration of Davenport College's tri-cup victory

Parable of the Lost Sheep

Parable of the Lost Lamb. Inspired by Pope Francis' words, "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" and the Book of Luke's parable of the lost lamb. All of God's children are worthy of saving, worthy of love and compassion. 

Super Moon. Fox News gives its take on this year's mega super blood moon!

College Council ATM. Critique of local college politics/policies. See here for details: Emory Wheel Op-ed

Attack on Donzilla. The second GOP debate. What else can I say... as a cartoonist and humorist, I sincerely thank Mr. Trump.

Super Stossel. When John Stossel came to Yale!


Drama in the Food Court

2015 Year in Review2015 Year-in-Review. 2015 was the year of Outrage, both large and small - about terrorism, debt, refugees, privacy, the color of a coffee cup and dress. But there were also moments of joy and inspiration, from advances in science to civil rights. Here's to one heck of year! 

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"Madame Hillary" is currently stored in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum in Columbus, Ohio
Madame Hillary is currently stored in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum in Columbus, Ohio

Duck Duck (Goose) Dynasty. The race for 2016 heats up between Jeb and Hill.

It's A Draw!

It's A Draw! Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and US President Bill Clinton, politicians with notorious sex scandals...

Blitzkrieg. The 2014 World Cup match between host country Brazil and Germany wasn't pretty. Ouch.

Going Broke. My take on the aging Medicare system; it badly needs some updates. Check out my Op-ed 

Cover of the Yale Daily News' coverage of the 2014 Governor's race  in Connecticut. Check out my YDN Op-ed

Putin, Ukraine, and Gas

Gas is power, literally. 



The 36th president of the United States: Lyndon B. Johnson

Can you figure out all the events from 2014?
2014 Year-in-Review. Can you figure out all the events from 2014? If not, check out the answer button below!

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Docking into Trump Island. "Beware of false knowledge for it is more dangerous than ignorance" (by George Bernard Shaw). Trump is a witch's brew of nativist, chauvinist discontent. He is chicanery embodied in human form. 

Bad Hair Day. The GOP primary gets underway...

RIP. Je suis Charlie 01/07/2015

Trumbull's Dairy Shop. This was for The Screw, a blind-date dance at Yale. Friends and suitemates set up blind dates for each other, and the blind dates must find each other through given clues and hints. This was the clue map for my friend, Mitchell and his blind date. Note the screw on the counter and other hints.

Japanese Econ 101. The emerging economies of the world can take a lesson from Japan. The economic doldrums of the 1990s isn't confined to the 20th century.

Sarkozy, the Piccolo

French President Sarkozy caricature

gay marriage

Marriage Equality: the marriage bed is none of the government's damn business. 

Hill Hugs Obama. Heading into the South Carolina primary, Hillary Clinton ties herself to Pres. Obama in the latest Democratic Debate in Milwaukee, WI.

Halloween at Yale

An inside joke about Yale.dining.


Hillary Clinton Enthroned. a caricature of Hillary Clinton's public perception, often viewed as the embodiment of elitist, dynastic power.

Miss New Hampshire '16
Miss New Hampshire '16. Trump and Bernie are crowned winners of the 2016 New Hampshire primaries with impressive victory margins


Korean Reunification. Young South Koreans aren't so thrilled with reunification on the Korean peninsula and for good reason too...

Small Hands with Big Consenquences

Beware: Even small hands can have big consequences.

The GOP Dance Party. DJ Jerry Mandering is throwing down! woot!

To the Rescue. Justice Antonin Scalia and the Citizens United v. the FEC (2010) decision

Greek Debt Crisis

Greek Debt Crisis

China in Transition. China's economy is going through a necessary shift. While there are short-term pains, the long-term reforms will ultimately make the Chinese economy stronger. 

Paula's Deep Fried Foot in the Mouth. Commentary on the Paula Deen scandal. At Yale, we have speaker events called "Master's Teas," hosted by the residential college masters. The term can be a bit awkward without right context...


Greece's Debt Monster threatens to undo the European Union